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Orders outside the Netherlands only possible with Paypal. We send all over the world !

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Plug and play miner for the DucoCoin. The miner is supplied ready-made and pre-programmed. All you have to do is put the plug in the socket yourself. The duino coin is one of the fastest growing altcoints at the moment. It is constructed in such a way that it can be mined with modules that consume little power.

This in contrast to, for example, mining the Bitcoin or Ethereum coin. You can mine the duinocoin from your computer, Android phone, ESP module or Raspberry pi. You can do this yourself, but if you don’t feel like investing a lot of time, the ready-made version is a perfect solution.

The DuinoCoin miner is perfect if you want to learn more about mining coins. In addition, you kiss cost-effective mining with the chance that the duicocoin grows and your coins become worth a lot of money. You are now at the beginning of the duicocoin. At the time of writing, the number of miners has increased from 450 to 4000 units in 2 weeks.

There are 2 models. The miner is available in a single version, with 4 modules mounted in a cluster or with 8 modules mounted in a cluster. Each module comes with a USB power cable that can be plugged into a USB adapter.

The USB adapter is not included. You don’t need any programming knowledge. You must, however, be able to insert a plug into the socket. After that, you are already mining and you will see your proceeds in your online account (wallet).

Pay attention! Before purchasing, you must first create an account via this link. After the order you will receive an email from us asking if you want to know wifi ssid and password together with your duinocoin login name (no email password, only login name). We need these to be able to preprogram the modules.


            • DuinoCoin miner. More info: https://duinocoin.com/
            • Price is including transport
            • Available in 4 or 8 modules
            • No programming knowledge required.
            • Plug and play. All you have to do is plug it in.
            • Mounted in cluster.
            • Maximum 200mA per module
            • Hashrate: 8-9,5kH/s each module (9, 36 of 72kH/s)
            • CPU frequenty: 160Mhz
            • Profit (no guarantee) 1 to 3 duco┬┤s each module
            • Less than 50 cents in electricity costs per module per year.
            • Very small in size
            • With LED for status
            • Supplied pre-programmed.
            • Comes with USB cables 27cm. (excluding adapter)
            • With free 1 x update if necessary. (Excluding shipping costs)
            • Orders outside the Netherlands only possible with Paypal. We send all over the world !
            • Delivery time: On Stock



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